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Key Benefits

Key benefits
Converged billing
Billing system  Platex®  - is a universal billing system that provides unified direction of all users and services, irrespective of categories of services, the way of their granting, the categories of subscribers, payment methods.
Multibranches support
Billing system  Platex®  supports the multibranching system that allows working with one or the several companies at the same time. Our system makes it possible for you to create reports for each company separately and for combined several companies.
Flexible tariff plans
Billing system  Platex®  enables the fast development of new tariff plans with different billing options.
·         Multicurrency rates
·         Tariffs that depend on time of day, day of the week, "festive" tariffs
·         Possibility of re-charging
·         Tools for inter-operator settlements
·         Ability to define a group of switchable tariff plans (depending on the characteristics of the traffic)
·         Ability to define the tariff up to the phone number or IP-address.
·         Personal tariff plans
·         Tree structure of tariffs
·         Arbitrary number of schemes of tariff zones with possibility to attach the tariff to any of them
Flexible subsystem of discounts
·         Discounts on the traffic volume and cost
·         Ability to define the algorithm for calculating discounts by the user
·         Ability to define discounts for one type of traffic, depending on the characteristics of another one
·         Appointment the minimum payment by services for the customer
The customer's web-interface is designed to obtain information related to the his account - current balance, a list of resources used, call statistics, payment history, as well as to perform some action - PIN-registration cards, select the tariff package, funds transfer to the account of another user. Web-interface can also be used by dealers (sales representatives) for reference of its base of customers, track customer 's balances, enter the payment, select tariff plans of many possible.
·         High reliability and performance of billing system Platex® are guaranteed by the used technologies of RDBMS Oracle and highly professional team of Inotech company.
·         To increase the fault tolerance we use a backup server Platex®
·         For storage of archive data and increasing of work performance we use dedicated backup server
·         Our billing system can be integrated with accounting systems 1C and Platinum SQL.
·         Support for the standart of commercial information exchange CommerceML.
·         Export data to MS Office.
·         Fast Report - System of user's reports printing.
Printing system of statements
Our system of report generation is based on the product Fast Report. It is a system of report generation by the previously created templates which are created using Template Designer FastReport, built-in applications Platex®.
Interaction on the protocol RADIUS
Implementation of authentication, authorization, and collect information about the used services can be done through the module RADIUS (Remote Authentication in Dial-In User Service).
Being a part of the billing system a RADIUS-server is an interface of interaction with telecommunications system / server (for example, a router or a switchboard) and it can implement such a system the following services:
·         Creation and storage of user accounts
·         User Account Control of personal interface (such as a web office)
·         Creation of access cards (username / PIN-code) to provide services with a certain limit of actions (Dial-Up Internet access and IP-telephony card)
·         Manual and automatic lock of subscriber's account on achieve the specified limit
·         Gathering and analysis of statistical information about user sessions and all serviced system (including CDR)
·         Generate reports on various statistical settings
·         Creation, print and sending  invoices for the payment
·         Authentication of all requests in the RADIUS-server from the serving system    (username / PIN-code)
·         Check the user's credentials (including encrypted) on request of the serving system 
·         Issuance of state user's account lockout
·         Issuance of a permit to one or another service
·         Sorting of data based on analysis of statistical information (such as dynamic routing), and output of results sorting by request
·         Online accounting means of subscriber: notification of the beginning and end of the session by the operating system
·         Intermediate messages to continue the session
·         Automatic Force shutdown session in the service system in frameworks of the service
·         BOOT message - a special package that is sent by the telecommunications system of RADIUS-server at startup (restart) of the system, in order to forced shutdown all sessions