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Tariffication of any services, including:

·         telephony (any Automatic telephone station, transit calls)
·         IP Telephony (VoIP)
·         services of mobile operators (SMS, MMS, roaming)
·         Internet (Ethernet, IPoE, dial-up, ADSL, Wifi)
·         IPTV
·         other services, user-defined
Calculations between operators
·         a lot of schemes, zones and areas (import / export of tariff offers)
·         cost calculation
·         payments to agents
·         interconnect
A flexible tariffication system
·         individual service plans, packages, options
·         bandwidth
·         advance and credit schemes, Pre-paid cards
·         a flexible system of discounts
·         test charging
·         tariff Calculator
·         standard forms for individuals and legal entities
·         reporting Tool, a customer defined
·         the rapid formation of contracts
·         mailer
Financial management
·         support of multiple payment systems 
·         on-line payments via self-service terminals
·         cash (payment of bar codes)
·         printing of checks
Additional Features
·         multibranches support
·         analysis of atypical activity
·         Integration with external systems (ERP, CRM...)
·         payment Clearing
·         manage customer requests
·         Web Interface of subscriber