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Purchase of Platex®

After getting acquainted with possibilities of billing system Platex® follows the phase with discussion of organizational and technical questions.

At this stage, we need the following information from you:
·         Number and categories of customers
·         The approximate nomenclature services and tariff plans.
·         Payment schemes with subscribers.
·         Description of the existing product lines of tariff plans.
·         Organization of reception subscription payments.
·         Is it necessary to integration with accounting or ERP-system?
·         Interaction with other operators who are purchased services, it necessary to automate settlements with them.
·         The necessity of data migration from other billing.
·         Which technical means and protocols are used for gathering statistics on the services rendered
·         Is it necessary to set the printing plates?
Project approval
After receiving the necessary information at the stage of acquaintance with customer requirements, we are making the commercial offer, coordinating the term and the cost of the project,  concluding the contract.
Then we carry the hardware configuration, installation of  distribution billing system platex Platex® , setup the subsystem of removal of primary rating data, we help make the description of tariffs and services, we do data migration, set up reporting forms,  make integration with 1C accounting and payment systems. The result of the implementation is the demonstration of system performance on the costumer's test set of data.
At the same time convenient to conduct training the staff.
Technical support billing system  Platex®
After the commercial launch billing system Platex® , we recommend signing a technical support service contract. Here you can get help from the Customer Service and Support of Inotech.
Purchase of the Oracle database
The work of billing system Platex®  need the Oracle Database of 10g or 11g version,  Standard Edition One, Standard Edition or Enterprise.
Our company is a silver partner of Oracle, so when buying a billing system, you can immediately purchase the Oracle database.
For purchasing, you should to contact through the feedback form or phone numbers, listed in the part "Contacts".