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·         Staff distribution at the branches
·         Possibility of separate management of subscriber base at the branches
·         Split and general invoicing
·         Possibility of reference corporate customers distributed in different branches
·         Ability to configure the type of direction for the selected subscriber
Untypical activity
·         Forming notifications when a customer shows untypical activity by services "Internet" and «VPN»
·         Ensuring species of monitoring and event generation for Internet services / VPN for separate contracts by different algorithms
 ·         Notification in achieving:
      o    the statistical argument of the traffic volume
      o   another threshold of traffic
      o   the total cost
·         Notification with the possible lock of the resource (account)
·         Notification when a customer shows untypical activity (consumed traffic volume)
Management of access to the service
 ·         Activation / resource lock (phone number, IP-address)
·         Facilities management for SNMP, Iptables,  ability to define random script when the state of the resource changes
·         Access management to the service by the protocol RADIUS (in case of using equipment FreeRADIUS-server)
·         Periodic synchronization of specified data with database of equipment for the task
Settlements with agents
 ·         Web-portal for partners for the sales management of access cards - available with extended "PrePaid" and module "Web-portal"
·         Ability to calculate and invoicing for agent's customers and for the establishment of a joint account for the agent
·         Calculation of agency fees (customer traffic at the rate of the agent)