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Optional modules

Finance Manager 
Registration of payments from the file in the automatic and the manual modes (through the interface of automated teller's workplace)
·         Automatic registration of payments from external payment systems
·         Registration of issued and paid receipts, using barcode readers
·         Monitoring  receipt of payments, automatic and manual binding of payments with exposed payment documents in the billing system
·         Reporting on debts, payments, accruals from customer, the ability to create any additional type of report
·         Check customers' requests
·         Control the timing of payment bills and account debtors
·         Entry and records of subscribers' payments
·         Note: transfer of payments is passed to the billing system in a single unified format through the open interface registration of payments
·         Tariffication of inter-operator traffic
·         Support tariff plans by destination of the selected partner
·         Customers creation (individuals and businesses)
·         Search in the list of customers (name, address, customer group, status)
·         Editing of customer data (address, contacts, passport)
·         Registration of new contracts of existing customers
·         Registration of  service groups with a set of services for the selected tariffing packet for existing customers
·         Change of customer's billing pack
·         Activation of inactive services
·         Printing of documents: contract, specifications,  act
Interaction on the protocol RADIUS
Implementation of authentication, authorization, and collect information about the used services can be done through the module RADIUS (Remote Authentication in Dial-In User Service).
Being a part of the billing system a RADIUS-server is an interface of interaction with telecommunications system / server (for example, a router or a switchboard) and it can implement such a system the following services:
·         Creation and storage of user accounts
·         User Account Control of personal interface (such as a web office)
·         Creation of access cards (username / PIN-code) to provide services with a certain limit of actions (Dial-Up Internet access and IP-telephony card)
·         Manual and automatic lock of subscriber's account on achieve the specified limit
·         Gathering and analysis of statistical information about user sessions and all serviced system (including CDR)
·         Generate reports on various statistical settings
·         Creation, print and sending  invoices for the payment
·         Authentication of all requests in the RADIUS-server from the serving system   (username / PIN-code)
·         Check the user's credentials (including encrypted) on request of the serving system
·         Issuance of state user's account lockout
·         Issuance of a permit to one or another service
·         Sorting of data based on analysis of statistical information (such as dynamic routing), and output of results sorting by request
·         Online accounting means of subscriber: notification of the beginning and end of the session by the operating system
·         Intermediate messages to continue the session
·         Automatic Force shutdown session in the service system in frameworks of the service
·         BOOT message - a special package that is sent by the telecommunications system of RADIUS-server at startup (restart) of the system, in order to forced shutdown all sessions