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OSS/BSS Platex®

 OSS Platex® - is a family of programs designed to automate the business processes of the service provider. Installation of this software will help to solve many of your problems. Convenient and functional service support system will help you to keep a  control of every service provided by you and each your customer.
OSS Platex®  includes several software modules, each of which will be an excellent assistant in the organization of individual components of your business. Using this software you may keep statistics, undertake regular monitoring, quickly and conveniently generate reports, monitor and manage the hardware.
This software presented by the following main modules:
·         OSS Platex® : contact center (CRM) - contact management, registration of customer requests, monitoring of performance discipline.
·         OSS Platex® : Document Center - automation of document management.
·         OSS Platex® : Warehouse - inventory accounting based on the equipment base, the formation of price, account movements, virtual warehouses.
·         OSS Platex® : Accounting of equipment - accounting of telecommunications equipment and schemes of inclusions on the operator side (Main Distribution Frame), on the costumer side (cross-costumer).
·         OSS Platex® : Monitoring - monitoring the state of the equipment and the database management system in real time.
 For purchasing OSS Platex®, you should to contact through the feedback form or phone numbers, listed in the part "Contacts".