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Software development

Custom Software Development

We offer a full range of services for the design and development of complex software solutions of any complexity.
Emergence of new technologies has led to permanent changes and transformations in telecommunications industry.
Team of developers" Inoteсh" creates effective IT-solutions in telecom and not only, designed to realization of current customer's business objectives focused on future.
Some of our recent projects:
Call Center
Call Center based on the equipment of Cantata Technology (MSP 1010).
Call Center is a hardware-software system that provides the possibility of long-distance and international communications by means of debit (prepaid) phone and credit cards. The hardware part of the complex is realized on the basis of high-performance phone switchboard Excel Switching System.
Call Center from "Inotech" - is:
·         Original focus on work under high loads
·         Possibility of creation multisession cards that have a common account as unlimited (credit) well as debit
·         The possibility of smooth change of tariffs depending on the day, time of day, direction of the call, type of card, etc.
·         The modular architecture of the software part of the complex and, consequently, the possibility of quickly adapt to other hardware platforms
·         High reliability, developed system of diagnostics
·         Possibility of translating calls between operator and automatics
·         The possibility of operators ' remote working
·         Comfortable operator's work place
·         Possibility of customer's access to account information and statistics calls over the net
·         Possibility of service other card systems
Internet casino "TALION"
Internet casino with live video in real time. In during the project, our company has delivered server and computer equipment, the development of new electronic devices and drivers for them, configure and administer the server.
System "internet casino" enables customers without leaving the home, play roulette, set in one of your gaming halls. The cell's winning number,  which sees player on the screen of his home computer, it is the number of the cell which has dropped on the roulette wheel, located in your casino. The intuitive interface is imitating the playing field, enable the customer to easily and quickly place bets guided by instructions croupier and conventional roulette  game rules.
Broadcast video from the present game table is realized by using the latest technologies to optimize the video stream, allowing the user monitoring how a ball gets into the roulette's cell in real time. It also ensures good quality and an acceptable speed of the game, even if the customer uses the ordinary modem connection to the Internet.
Crediting the funds to deposit player's account made in the online-mode with using of bank transfers, Visa cards, EuroMaster, electronic wallets, etc. There is a large set of tools for the organization and monitoring the payment of winnings.
Pantariff - tarifficator for the office automatic telephone exchanges
Tarificator for office automatic telephone exchanges "PanTariff". Developed by order of the company "Style-Media", Saint-Petersburg.
PanTariff is not automated system used by operators for settlements with users of telecommunication services and its using doesn't require certificate of  Russian Ministry of communications and informatization.
All title and copyrights belong "Style-Media".  Unlawful reproduction or distribution of this program or its part entails civil and criminal responsibility.