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All configurations of billing system Platex® , excepting  "Lite", require necessary implementation and training, only in this case the process of using the product will be effective. Implementation usually is carried out remotely by IP-connection to the customer's network. But when necessary, our professionals can visit customer's office.
Typical set of implementation services includes:
·         Configuration and setup the server of billing system "Platex® " with the installation of the system software
·         Deployment of billing system "Platex® " directly on the equipment, including Oracle
·         Configuration of the acquisition subsystem PDD (primary rating data pickers) with all types of equipment
·         Data migration in accordance with agreed with the customer format
·         Tariff system configuration
·         Configuration and location of the reporting forms
·         Personal account localization, including design, management of services (subscriptions, activation, suspension), statistics by services and payments
·         Integration with party software including 1C, payment systems, ERP
Data migration as the implementation phase
Data Migration is a major component of the new software integration.
We can provide technical assistance in carrying out work on data migration without disrupting the system. It will allow you to take advantage of a successful data migration, avoiding problems and errors, faced by the vast majority of organizations.
Standard data for migration:
·         Catalogs of individuals and legal entities (address, contact information and bank accounts).
·         Catalog of subscribers (contracts, personal accounts and subscription services).
·         Range (including services and rate plans.)
·         Equipment, including physical and IP-addresses, phone numbers.
·         Subscribers Payments or balance of their personal accounts.
·         History of services consumption.