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The list of services of "Inotech" company includes technical support and integration services. Must be said, that "Inotech" company not only sells software products, but also offers for customers complex solutions of billing. Along with billing system Platex® , our company offers a full range of services for integration and support of the software.

Our technical support service specialists characterized by high professionalism, they always ready to give fast skilled help for customers. Also, we always glad to answer for any questions and to suggest how to perform a task optimally. In addition, the "Inotech" company establishes operational updates and upgrade to the new version of the program.
Now data migration is the most important component of the integration of new software. The company's specialists can give assistance in the performance of maintenance work by data migration without disrupting the system. Such a way, you can use all benefits of a successful data migration, while avoiding any problems and errors faced by a lot of organizations. 
The standard data migration includes Catalogs of individuals and legal entities (address, contact information and bank accounts), catalog of subscribers (contracts, personal accounts and subscription services), range (including services and rate plans), equipment, including physical and IP-addresses, phone numbers, subscribers payments or balance of their personal accounts, history of services consumption.